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    "Patient care is our FIRST PRIORITY"
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Ek Omkar means ONE GOD.The essence of using a spiritual phrase in the name to seed divine thought, divine action and divine message in their commitment in Healthcare Services. This professional organization is born to deliver healing of the mind, body & soul. Ek Omkar Hospital is born to deliver Quality Healthcare at affordable rates. Ek Omkar Hospital is a Premier multi-specialty Hospital situated in Kharghar, adjacent to the main Sion-Panvel Highway is centrally located and well-connected with public and private transport system. The hospital is Presently operating as Multi-Specialty Hospital with more than 100 beds.


“Seeding divine thought, divine action and divine message of ONE GOD to our commitment in delivering quality HEALTHCARE Services”



To deliver A grade Patient care and safety 24/7 at cost effective rates, because our concern is your well being.


"BE FIT FOR LIFE” Because every life is divine.

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